Business Owners & CEOs

You get it.

You understand that your role is to set the vision and create a shared purpose. You empower your team to take the vision and run with it. You know their unique contributions will help bring your organization’s goals to fruition.

You lead with empathy. You’ve created a culture of trust, transparency and communication.

Even when you’re on the right track, you can use an outside perspective to clarify your vision or re-energize your team.

We can help.

Team Leaders

You’re leading a team within an organization in order to reach goals and drive results toward the vision and purpose.

You also want to develop rising talent and leaders within your team. You know that the soft skills (emotional intelligence, communication, leadership) are what can make the difference between a happy, high-performing team and struggling to retain people and missing the mark.

Whether you need a session to get everyone on the same page and excited about the future or try a unique approach to team building and leadership development, we can help.


If you don’t fit into one of the two categories above, that’s OK! Are you working in an organization and looking for support in understanding your personal leadership style in order to grow your career? Maybe the feedback, evaluations and assessment tools have fallen short. When people ask you to speak to your strengths, weaknesses and how you contribute you get tongue-tied.

I can help.

You don’t want to learn the skills and mannerisms that make you look like a leader, you’re ready to BE a leader.

You’ve worked hard to accumulate skills, certifications, knowledge and experience. You’ve found the magic overlap in the venn diagram where you actually love the things you do well (or you’re really close). But you feel like your quiet and sensitive way keep you from speaking up and making an impact. It’s hard to watch when if feels like the loudest voice wins. Imagine the possibilities is you could tap into the power of your strength as a quiet leader. The horses can show you how to do that.

Can’t figure out which category is the best fit? Get in touch and we’ll figure it out.