It’s summer, it’s hot and things have slowed down. You’re taking advantage of the relaxed pace and working on your biz. 

But, you’re stuck on something…

If only you could get someone to help get you clarity on:

Your website
It’s just not clear and coming together the way you’d hoped

Your messaging
It feels muddy and doesn’t reflect who you are. You want to know how to pull out the uniqueness

Your offers
You’ve spent so much time drafting them you’ve confused yourself about what it is and why you’re doing it

Your brand look and feel
You can’t quite put your finger on!

Your brand voice
Who am I and what am I trying to say? 

Your marketing plan
People have told you to “just show up” or “put yourself out there” but what does it meeeannn? Show me your plan and we can make sense.

But you do NOT want to get clarity by sitting through a webinar, taking another course or signing up for long-term coaching.

What if you could just ask a question, get an answer and get to work?

Well, you can do just that with…

Get in the Ring

with Jocelyn Ring

Special invitation to previous clients and you since you’re on my list

Laser coaching sessions for business owners, coaches and consultants who are working on their brand and business

Get Get feedback
Get next best steps
Get clarity
Get started taking action

to get your seat

7 available per session

2 options to join

August 14th @ 3PM EST
August 21st @ 3PM EST


WHAT IS “Get in the Ring?”

It’s not nearly as scary as it sounds. Don’t think doing battle in a boxing ring, think being in an a supportive space with a teacher and guide. The name of these sessions is inspired by my “in the ring” coaching with horses, I’ll bring that approach and wisdom into these sessions.

I’ll help mirror your brand back to you in a way that will help you feel clear and confident. 

I’ve been a brand strategist for 15 years, helping clients from solopreneurs to multi-billion dollar global companies uncover their brilliance and get clarity. The messier it feels to you, the better I can help you.

How it works


Submit the item you’d like to receive feedback on via the form I send you

A piece of copy, messaging, positioning, visuals, offer idea

Number 2 sm.png

You’ll receive a link to join the session via email. Log on and meet your new friends at your meeting time

We’ll have 90 minutes to tackle your questions in 1-1 coaching spots for each of you

You’ll learn from their Q&A, too

number 3 sm.png

Get feedback in real time 

We’ll make sure you feel complete and get you action steps you can put to use ASAP

Bonus you’ll get the recording AND my hand drawn sketchnotes

Testimonial for GITR session.png


Hi, I’m Jocelyn

I help business owners uncover their uniqueness and amplify it in their brand so they are clear, confident and speak to ideal clients in their language. I work with small businesses, solopreneurs and large organizations.

I’ve created my own framework of brand strategy and leadership to help you design success on your terms and build a brand that looks and feels like you. I’ve developed my process from almost two decades of experience with clients, my corporate work and training and certifications which include an MBA, facilitation training, visual coach certification and leadership coaching with horses. Don’t worry, I won’t jam you and your business into my framework, I find the pieces and tools that will serve you.

I look forward to working with you–let’s get you unstuck and back to doing the work you’re meant to do.


Let’s do this

2 options
August 14th @ 3PM EST
August 21st @ 3PM EST

to get your seat

7 available per session