What we believe…


Client engagements are partnerships and co-creations

It’s nearly impossible to see your brand when you’re in it (that’s where we come in)

Your brand building begins with deep, strategic work, then tactics

Success is determined by the goals YOU have for your business

Empathy will get you everywhere

Ask questions to understand, not to confirm

Everyone in your organization is a leader because leadership is about contribution not hierarchy

The best brands can articulate their purpose in one sentence

You need to lead your brand (rather than having others shape it for you)

We have FUN doing this work together

When all else fails, ask the horses

Were you nodding “yes” as you were reading along? We should talk


What we do…

We help clients that have hit a plateau figure out what’s needed to get to the next level.
The way forward can come from re-energizing leadership, clarifying their vision, refreshing the brand, creating new business plans or helping the team communicate and work together better.



Hi, I’m Jocelyn Ring, founder of The Ring Effect. I help companies develop clear and compelling brands that reflect who they are and resonate with ideal customers.

I’ve developed a unique approach to branding that’s custom-tailored for each project and incorporates Visual Facilitation, business strategy and leadership coaching in partnership with horses.

My clients are purpose-driven organizations that want to level-up their brand and leadership.