“So…why horses?”

This is a question I get a lot. Especially from people who have spent very little time with horses.

Afew reasons I believe leadership training through equine facilitation is so powerful:

  • Horses teach us a range of communication beyond words–there’s so much information in each interaction that we humans miss.

  • Horses are sensitive, intuitive creatures who offer a mirror for what’s going on within; helping you see how you show up in the world.

  • Horses don’t have an ego or an agenda. The feedback you receive is pure and free of bias judgment (we humans find that challenging).

  • Since they provide pure feedback in a non-threatening way, it allows your ego to get out of the way and lets you connect with something very deep within yourself.

  • This then allows you to understand and OWN your leadership style (not just adopt surface level mannerisms that LOOK like leadership.

  • Self-exploration that is experiential in nature provides quicker learning that you embody.

  • Horses teach us about our presence, energy and emotions. All of these non-verbal “languages” are ways in which we communicate. They help us learn this new way of speaking and understanding.

  • They show us how emotions, energy and stress are contagious and how they impact others and organizations.


Who is Equine Facilitation for?

  • Anyone who's interested in learning more about themselves and becoming a better leader–not just “faking it til you make it.”

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to connect with others in a more authentic and meaningful way.

  • Anyone who’s ready to understand how your energy—what’s going on inside of you—shows up in different situations.

  • Anyone who wants to feel empowered and confident in their business relationships.

  • Anyone who desires to have a new level of self-awareness and understanding of their strengths.

  • Anyone who wants deeper insights into the way they lead in their organizations.

  • Anyone who wants to improve how their team works together

What does a session look like?

All sessions begin with a background lesson on the evolution of this work and the leadership benefits you can expect to walk away with. From there, we conduct basic safety lessons, going over body language and other interactive precautions.

As your facilitator, I’ll take you out to meet the herd from outside the pasture, in an initial observation. I’ll ask questions and we'll debrief on self-awareness, energy, and the leadership impacts of what we just witnessed.

After that we'll go out into the space and spend time interacting with the horses directly to see what comes to the surface. At the culmination of a session, you’ll have a chance to ask me questions and gain some professional insight on what I observed from your interaction with the horses.


This is the type of transformative experience that you don’t fully understand until you’re in it. The experiential nature of the work and the horse themselves will help you embody the lessons and bring them back to your daily life.

It's much more effective than sitting in a workshop and learning new concepts.

You may appreciate the new knowledge, but it might not endure much beyond the workshop. And then, once you’ve experienced it?

You’ll want to tell the entire world about it.

My Story


I’m a lifelong equestrian. I started riding when I was just four years old. I’ve always believed that there’s something incredibly special about horses. Even simply being around them—not riding—is a very calming, grounding experience.

Additionally, communicating with horses is fascinating. You have to use very subtle body language and truly connect with the horse.

After my first equine facilitation experience years ago, I walked away with a new level of confidence and comfort in who I am…allowing me

to create a brand that presents myself accurately and unapologetically. It’s not an exaggeration to say I use the lessons I learn from working with the horses every single day.

This is the type of experience that will leave you completely changed—both personally and professionally.

It will be the tipping point that leads you to more authenticity, more excitement, and, yes, more success as a business leader.

What participants have said…

It was more impactful than any business training I have EVER done.

A year-plus later, I still go back to that experience in the field with the horses to remember what it feels like to stand in my authentic leadership.

The discussion about energy and how it travels from person to person and effects a team dynamic was game changing.

The lessons we learned have helped us communicate so much better as a team. I want to come back and do it again!

The way you facilitated what was happening (because the interactions happen so quickly!) was amazing. You let us make our own observations, I appreciated the ‘no right or wrong’ judgement-free zone in which to learn. I keep coming back to those powerful learning moments.