Jocelyn Ring

“A Horse Whisperer for Business”

Jocelyn Ring is a strategist, visual facilitator and leadership coach. She founded The Ring Effect in 2013 to help clients re-imagine their vision and learn how to lead their brands. She works with a team of talented designers, programmers, photographers, writers and creative professionals to bring brand strategies to life.

Since 2004, she’s helped companies in healthcare, technology, business services, manufacturing, consumer products and other industries develop brand plans that have helped them reach more customers, grow revenues, attract talent and raise funding.

Jocelyn began her career on Wall Street, first in Corporate Finance in the Industrials sector then in Equity Research where she followed Multi-Industrial companies.

She enjoys co-creating with organizations that are committed to a purpose and CEOs who value and trust their team members. If you understand the power of empathy and investing time in understanding others, it would be a good fit.

Her range of skills as a “generalist” make her quite comfortable in the chaos of brand building and help her expand the possibilities for the group. She can help your team distill the brand to an essence and learn how to lead its evolution and success.

She earned her MBA at NYU’s Stern School of Business. She’s also a proud graduate of Hamilton College with a BA in Economics and Art History (how’s that for right-brain/left-brained?). She’s constantly adding to her toolkit to better serve her clients through training and certification in Facilitation, Coaching, Strategy, Leadership and Ruckus-Making.